mrs india 2020 winner 2021 anupama soni

Dr Anupama Soni Mrs India Winner

Mrs India 2020 2021 Asia International Winner Anupama Soni

Mrs India 2020 2021

Mrs India 2020, Rein of Queen of Mrs India never gets over as we strongly believe Once a Queen is Always a Queen . Our Queens never failed to live upto this . Like very year Mrs India Winners are been raising high with our National Flag .

Mrs India Winner

mrs india 2020 winner 2021 anupama soni
Dr Anupama Soni Mrs India Winner

Mrs India Winner 2018 19 – Anupama Soni

on 71st Republic Day of 26-Jan-2020 our former Mrs India Winner and Mrs Asia International Winner Dr Anupama Soni is been awarded by Governor of Rajasthan State Honorable Shri Kalraj Mishra for her contribution in Woman Empowerment . Mrs India Winner is also appointed as State Brand Ambassador for Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Abhiyan by Government of Rajasthan .


mrs india 2020 winner Anupama Soni
Dr Anupama Soni Mrs India 2018 Winner

These Prestigeous awards by Governor were given on 71 Republic Day at state level Award Ceremony Hosted at SMS stadium by Rajasthan Government for Mrs India Winner Dr Anupama Soni’s work towards society specially women as state brand ambassador of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao.

Mrs India Winner said :

Mrs India Winner Dr Anupama said “I feel this award is not just appreciation of my work but also an encouragement to do better and better every next day .Hope I will keep doing it to deliver better than best every next time .”

Well We at Mrs India strongly believe that this award given to Mrs India Winner Dr Anupama Soni is not only appreciation of her work or encouragement for her but it is also inspiration for many Woman out there in Rajasthan to follow her foot prints and lead a incredible life as a Queen .

mrs india 2020 winner anupama soni

Mrs India 2018 Winner –

Dr Anupama Soni participated in Mrs India 2018 where she won State level Pageant Mrs India Rajasthan 2018 , represented Rajasthan at national level of Mrs India 2018 and Won National Title of Mrs India 2018 2019


as a Mrs India 2018 Winner She represented India at Mrs Asia International 2018 and Won International Title with her Poise , Persona and breath taking Talent .

Ever Since she is Crowned at Mrs India , Dr Anupama Soni is living upto the title making differance to the society in many different days . She has actively addressed many social issues that need immidiate attention .

She was Brand Ambassador of Road safety for the Year 2019 for Rajasthan State and Swachh Bharath Abhiyan . She played her role to the fullest .

Mrs India Family will always be proud of our Queens ,We are very proud of our Queen and wish her all the love and luck .

Mrs India 2020 Winner :

Mrs India 2020 Registrations are in progress you can apply online on http://www.MrsIndia.Net , Mrs India 2020 Winner will be Crowned by Mrs India 2019 Winner soon on one and only Mrs India 2020 by Deepali Phadnis 

Mrs India 2019 2020 Journey :

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