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Mrs India 2019 2020 Restyle Reuse Textile Pollution Handloom Fabrics

Mrs India 2019 2020 seventh Edition of Mrs India Pageants by Deepali Phadnis

Mrs India 2019 2020

Mrs India Pageants will restyle Mrs India 2019 to bring awareness about Textile Pollution .Most of us are not aware that Fabrics can cause hazards to Nature and harm environment . Reuse of Fabrics that we already have is one of the way to minimize textile pollution . Mrs India Pageants believe that this will also strengthen bonds with family and preserve sentiments attached with threads .

Mrs India Pageants have already started working on it from Mrs India 2018 where our winner Ujala Sabharwal promoted sustainable lifestyle in International Platform as Mrs India 2018 and represented Indian Art and Craft .

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Mrs Asia International :

Recently Mamata Trivedi , Former Mrs IndiaMrs India 2019 Winner Ujala Sabharwal Planet 2018 ,Mrs Asia International and now regional director of Mrs India to this cause seriously and decided to take to among all .

Mrs India 2019

Mrs India 2020 2019 Mamta Trivedi
Mrs India Pageants

Mrs Asia International 2017 Classic – Mamata Trivedi

Former Mrs India  expressed her thoughts about Restyle initiative by Mrs India in recent appearance at City Event . She says “Mrs India, the largest platform for married women, has always been sensitive to the need of protecting and preserving our environment. The latest initiative in this regard is to fight textile pollution with the concept of “Reduce, Re-use and Restyle”.

Since generations, ladies love their clothes and preserve them for the fond memories associated with them, but rarely use them. Many of us have been fortunate to inherit some lovely saris from the earlier generation. Why not use the same “old” but lovely clothes and restyle them, using your creativity? It would be a great combination of a marvelous fabric, your creative instincts, emotional bonding and a thought for the environment. Inspired by Mrs India, I have worn my mother’s sari in a completely new avatar during the inauguration of a fund raising exhibition for the benefit of under privileged children. Feeling Blessed! ”

We are so proud of our Queens who walk the talk and continue to live like a Queen even after reign is over , as our Queens believe that Mrs India is just not a Model she is a Role Model , She will always carry her responsibility on her shoulders with pride .

Join us in our initiative …

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