Mrs India 2017 Winner

Mrs India 2018 2017 Contest

Mrs India 2018 2017 Contest

Mrs India 2018

Mrs India 2018 Pageant registrations in progress You can apply for online Mrs India 2018

Mrs India 2017 was a Largest ever Pageant in India with most successful State ,Zonal and National Mrs India Contests with more than 300 Semi Finalist contesting for Mrs India Title .

Mrs India 2018 Registrations is in Progress apply online .

Mrs India 2017 National Grand Finale :

Here is glimpse of Mrs India 2017 National Grand Finale where 46 Mrs India Finalist from all over India and World Partcipated .

Mrs India 2017 Auditions :

Mrs India Pageant hosted Nation wide Auditions in Four Zonal Mrs India North ,Mrs India South 2017,Mrs India North East , Mrs India West 2017 and for States Six Mrs India State Pageants Mrs India Rajasthan,Mrs India Kerala,Mrs India Karnataka,Mrs India Himanchal Pradesh, where 100’s of Indian Married Woman participated .

Mrs India North Auditions :

Mrs India 2017 Requirements :

Woman in Two Age categories participated Mrs India 2017 up-to 40 Years and Classic Mrs India above 40 Years of Age .Mrs India Pageant is inspired by Beauty In Diversity theme that Celebrates Beauty of Every Woman ,Mrs India Pageant doesn’t look for Models but we look for Role Models so we do not have limitations on Height however Healthy weight ,good communications and presentations skills are vital to participate in Mrs India Contest .

Mrs India 2017 Pageants :

Mrs India Pageants follows a steady and rigorous process to select our Mrs India contestants for Mrs India and  First time in Indian History Mrs India Pageants became first Pageant to host Mrs India Zonal and Mrs India state Level Pageants to select Finalist for Mrs India 2017 , Contestants of Mrs India 2017 participated and selected through Mrs India North 2017, Mrs India South 2017,Mrs India West 2017 , Mrs India Rajasthan 2017 , Mrs India Himanchal Pradesh 2017 ,Mrs India Karnataka 2017 , Mrs India Kerala 2017 , Mrs India Goa 2017 ,Mrs India North East 2017 ,Mrs India Jharkhand 2017 ,Mrs India Chhatisgardh 2017

Mrs India 2017 Glimpses :


Mrs India 2017 :

Mrs India 2017 Contest was full of Beauty ,Talent Glamour and Culture of India Married Woman who showcased their Best to live dream of their life .

Mrs India 2017 Grooming :

Mrs India Contestants are the most beautiful Indian Married woman who is Beautiful ,Talented and grooming such a exquisite Mrs India Contestants was a Joy , Mrs India 2017 Contestants were groomed on various aspects to groom them for International Standards such as Table Etiquette , Posing ,Ramp Walk , Facing Camera , Video Interviews , Sari Draping , Fitness , Nutrition and much more .Mrs India 2017 Photo shoot theme was Purple Feather .

Mrs India Pageant Grooming :


Mrs India Pageant Grooming :

Mrs India 2017 Contestants went through many rounds from Mrs India Gourmet Queen by the Spice Club, Beauty with Heart Project , MyCityWoman Project to Talent Round evening Gown Round ,Fitness Wear Round ,National Costume Wear Round and Most Talk about Round is Sari Round by Nalli Silk .

Mrs India 2017 Gourmet Queen :

Mrs India 2017 Contestants were given a task of cooking the best Healthy ,Easy and Nutritious dish with the Spice Club and Sakthi Masala.

Mrs India 2017 Sari Round !

Mrs India Pageants belives Indian Costumes and Sari are two inseparable beautiful creations , Mrs India 2017 Pageant apart from giving training on Sari Draping  Mrs India 2017 hosted a very Beautiful Sari round on Mrs India National Grand Finale where Mrs India 2017 Contestants walked on live Violin by Dr Anish draped in Heritage Brand Nalli Silks of Tamilnadu’s Signature 9 Meters Mandu Sari .

Mrs India 2017’s 46 Mrs India Contestants were draped in 46 different Styles and walked the Ramp like Goddess .

Mrs India 2017 :

Mrs India 2017 Nalli Silk Saree :


Mrs India 2017 National Costume Round :

Mrs India Pageants Most significant and most awaited round National Costume round was a attraction of Pageant where every Mrs India 2017 Contestant represnted unique and exquisite National Costume on Mrs India 2017 grand finale .

The Magnificent and Larger than life stage of Mrs India turned to Beautiful states of India showcasing theme behind of Mrs India Contestants National Costume on backdrop of Screen . Mrs India Contestants not only showcased their states Costumes but Art ,Culture and Fabrics of thier states interms of Festivals ,Traditions and Tourism .

Few Mrs India COntestants gave message through thier National Cstumes like Save Narmada , Make In India or Indian Heritage of Music and So the below Video of Mrs India’s National Costume Round .


Mrs India 2017 Evening Gown Round :

Well Pageants are incomplete without Gown and Crown and when it comes for Mrs India , Gown round is most exquisite round of Pageant where Mrs India 2017 Contestants dazzled the Mrs India Ramp with usher confidence and stunned Nation with glamour and beauty .

Mrs India 2017 Contestants walked this most Beautiful gown round on melodious Violin played live for Mrs India 2017 .

Mrs India 2017 Gown Round :

Mrs India 2017 Gown Round :

Mrs India 2017 Winners :

Mrs India Winners will now represent India Internally on World’s three premium beauty Pageants to make India Proud .

Mrs India 2017 Winners

Classic Mrs India 2017 Winners:

About Ms India™Pageant :

Mrs India™ is trademark of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt ltd.


Mrs India 2018 is annual Beauty Pageant is based on theme of Beauty In Diversity is committed to makes the Role Models Not Models. Mrs India Winners represent India Internationally .Mrs India Contest is successfully taking place from 2013.Mrs India Pageant is a National Television show witnessed by Millions of people across the Globe.

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